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Zoom whitening in 20850

20850 Zoom
20850 Zoom

Are you happy with the way your teeth look? Are they still gleaming white or have they turned yellow, gray or have stains. As we age and eat and drink the wrong things over the years or smoke or take certain medications our teeth loose their luster and often become discolored. Most people still want the bright smile they use to have and retail teeth whitening solutions have become extremely big business for the toothpaste companies. Unfortunately, drugstore whitening kits, strips and toothpastes just cannot brighten teeth with the same level of effectiveness and long-lasting ability as a tooth bleaching program done by an dental care professional. Our practice, Drs Schwartzman, Healy and Offit takes whitening to the next dimension with 20850 Zoom!

Our practice’s 20850 Zoom! whitening program uses the power of a special laser to whiten teeth far more effectively than older procedures that use trays filled with bleaching solution. Best of all, instead of taking a couple of weeks of using bleaching trays the whole Zoom! process is done in our office in just one hour. The process starts with our doctor shielding your gums to protect them and then brushing a special gel that contains the bleaching solution. The Zoom! laser is used to activate the bleaching gel. The high intensity light from the laser is perfectly safe. After 15 minutes the gel is rinsed off the teeth and then the whole process is repeated another two or three times depending on the level of discoloration of the patient’s teeth. After an hour the procedure is over and the patient’s teeth are considerably whiter.

The biggest drawback that people report after using our 20805 Zoom! procedure is that some of their family and friends are startled by how white their smile has gotten in such a short period of time. Our patients routinely see their teeth become seven or eight shades whiter after just an hour. Zoom1 whitening will generally last over a year. If you want whiter teeth give Zoom1 a try.

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