Dentist in Gaithersburg

Dentist in Gaithersburg

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If the goal is to keep those teeth functioning in proper order, sticking by your side for the long haul, then you’ll need to make it a point to commit to preventive care. Part of those efforts involves biannual dental visits. So don’t hesitate to contact Drs. Schwartzman, Healy and Offit. Swing by our offices today and be well on the way to treating yourself to a dentist in Gaithersburg—proactiveness goes a long way toward a healthy, radiant smile.

Making this sort of commitment drastically lowers the chances of developing gum disease. Trust us… you don’t ever want to find out what it’s like struggling with that condition. Of course, if you developed it, leaving gum disease untreated risks it advancing to perilous stages. Depending on how advanced, gum disease could stick around for life. Gum disease is also known to be sneaky…at first. In fact, you’ll barely even feel anything. Not until it develops. Until after it has shrunk several millimeters of gum and dental bone. This is why it’s crucial to see a dentist early and often—twice a year, recommended. Because even if you pride yourself on being a diligent mouth cleaner, food particles can still slip through the cracks. That’s when they become plaque & tartar, and all of the scary complications previously mentioned start to shape.. And why go through all of that if you don’t need to? Exactly. With that said, don’t hesitate to reach out to Drs. Schwartzman, Healy and Offit. Head over to our location and finally treat those choppers to a dentist in Gaithersburg.

Don’t deprive your smile of proactive treatment. Reach out to Drs. Schwartzman, Healy and Offit. Then schedule an appointment via phone or e-mail. Whichever is easier. Our staff will help with that. And then you’ll only be a few moments away from a dentist in Gaithersburg.

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