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Rockville ZOOM Whitening

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Teeth bleaching in Rockville

Rockville ZOOM whitening
Rockville ZOOM whitening

Have you always wanted to have a whiter and brighter smile? If so, we think it is about time that you came to our dental practice to get one! At our dental practice, Drs. Schwartzman, Healy and Offit, we are very pleased to be able to offer patients teeth whitening using ZOOM. This tooth whitening system is regarded by many dentists to be the most effective and safest tooth whitening system available for professional use today. If you want to have your teeth improved using Rockville ZOOM whitening, we know you will be excited about the whitening results that you can achieve at our office.

When you come to our practice for teeth whitening, our dentist will want to meet with you to determine whether or not there will be any problems that need to be addressed after the tooth whitening is complete. Just one of our top-notch dentists is Dr. Paul D. Schwartzman. Since teeth whitening solutions only work on natural tooth enamel, we may need to make arrangements to make some small changes to your smile after the whitening procedure is completed. If you have porcelain caps, veneers, or tooth-colored fillings on front teeth, you may need to have this situation addressed after the whitening so that your smile will remain uniform in color. However, Rockville ZOOM whitening lasts for an extremely long time and the treatment will definitely be worth the effort. Having a whiter and brighter smile will not only make you more confident, but it will enhance your overall appearance for years to come.

Rockville ZOOM whitening will take just one, 1-hour visit during which time you will comfortably relax in our dentist’s chair. If you would rather have your teeth whitened in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you will be able to purchase a take-home kit which will brighten your teeth in simply a matter of days. When you leave our office you will have complete instructions on how to use the kit so that you get the results you are looking for. For an appointment to meet with our dentist regarding teeth whitening, contact us today.

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